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PaperPicker Launches!

Posted by paperpicker on October 18, 2006

Welcome to our contribution to the Blogosphere, PaperPicker!

What is this?

We envision this blog as an online Journal Club aimed at networking and telecommunications researchers. This is a tool used in science to keep up-to-date with new and exciting developments in the field, and we’d like to see how well it works for us.

We’ll pick interesting articles that appeal to us for one reason or another, and write a review of why we liked it, and what we feel its overall contribution is with respect to other works that we’re aware of.

Who are we?

We’ll introduce who we are as we go along, but a brief bio is that we are two Ph.D. students involved in different areas of networking who enjoy reading academic articles, and keeping abreast of what others are doing.

What Now?

We’ve picked a few recent papers that we like to start off the blog, and we’ll be posting some reviews in the coming days. If you come across any papers you think we would find interesting, please just drop us a note at Also, we welcome any and all comments you have so feel free to leave them on any of the reviews!


Mike and David


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