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CoNEXT 2006

Posted by Michael Gellman on November 19, 2006

CoNEXT 2006 Logo

I’m going to be attending CoNext 2006 in Portugal this year. CoNEXT describes itself as (from the Call for Papers):

CoNext 2006 will be a major forum in the area of future networking technologies. CoNext emphasizes synergies between various international and technical communities. The conference will feature a single-track, high quality technical program with significant opportunities for technical and social interaction among a closeknit community of participants. CoNext aims to be open and accommodating to multiple viewpoints and is committed to fairness in the review process and to returning deep and sound technical feedback to authors of submitted paper.

The program seems really compelling, with talks by a lot of researchers at the forefront of Networking research. I’m really looking to the talk by Jon Crowcroft and also the paper by Simon Fischer at RWTH Aachen which I’ve read, and I’ll be posting some thoughts on soon.

I’m going to be presenting a student poster on my Ph.d. work dealing with QoS routing in Peer-to-Peer overlay networks. If you’re attending this conference, be sure to post a comment — it would be great to chat about it in advance!

There’s also a great new Web 2.0-ish site which is dedicated to conferences called ConFabb where they have a dedicated entry for CoNEXT 2006.


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  1. Joel said

    Hi there,

    It’s Joel from Confabb. Thanks for writing about our site! We’re excited folks like you have found us and are starting to put Confabb to work.

    If you wouldn’t mind doing so, it’d be great to get your feedback on how useful you found Confabb between now and the end of CoNEXT 2006. Please feel free to email me anytime at

    All the best,
    Joel with Confabb

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